Nanomaterials 07

These past 30 April-1 May Nanomaterials 07 took place at The Sage - Gateshead, in Newcastle. NanoMaterials07 is the first conference in Europe specifically targeted at existing and potential users of nanomaterials.

In contrast to other events which focus on technology or theoretical benefits NanoMaterials07 featured a variety of national and international companies active in the nanomaterials revolution. Leading industry experts talked about the opportunities and challenges facing different markets in the commercialisation of nanomaterials.

The event was organized by Nanocentral and they did a remarkable job. Everything was simply perfect. On one hand, interestings talks from four different fields: Personal & Health care; Materials for electronics; Plastics, Polymers & Composites and last but no least Coatings & Inks. Companies as Smith&Nephew, Unilever, Seagate, Airbus and MacDermid talked about differents topics related to these fields. Extremely interesting was the talk given by Prof. Steven Abbott from MacDermid, talking about the Nano-providers as other stakeholder and placing the bases for what the new nanomaterial market should be.

On the other hand, the exhibition area counted with the presence of companies as Nanolake, Veeco, Johnson Matthey and Nanogap Sub-nm-powders. Most of them from the UK being Nanogap one of the exceptions, showing the high nanoparticle production level that there is in Spain.

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