Nanotechnology & nanoscience in Euskadi

There is an extraordinary activity in Spain related to nanotechnology and nanoscience. There are lots of different initiaves focussed on new researchs and developments, like for instance the Iberian Nanotechnology Center (with Portugal) and the Nanogune.

One of the most important efforts is the 'Nanogune', a new institute created to integrate the different nanotechnological researchs in the Basque Country. The Spanish Government has granted 15 million € attending to the petition of the local basque government.

On the other hand, the Physics of Materials team at the UPV/EHU has completed the first comprehensive study of the properties of boron nitride on a nanometric scale as it can be read in the journal 'Physical Review Letters'. This shows the huge activity related to investigation in these fields in the Basque Country.

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