Nanotech Insight 2007

The second edition of NanoTech Insight took place in Luxor, Egypt, the 3rd week of March. Not only the great atmosphere that Egypt culture and Luxor beauty brought to the conference, but mainly because of the world's leading nanoscientists presenting their latest research and discoveries, made this conference a great success.

NanoTech Insight not only draw together nanoscientists of all stripes, but was also places strong emphasis on the applications of nanotechnology for sustainable development with special sessions on nano ethics, environmental applications, medical and pharmaceutical applications of nanotech research, and nanotechnology for industry. Nanogap, nanoparticles spanish company, was part of the nanotechnology industry representation, and one of the Nanogap´s founders, Prof. Manuel Arturo Lopez-Quintela, presented the latest research on the innovative applications on Atomic Quantum Cluster among other issues.

NanoTech Insight aims to stimulate a worldwide dialogue on the planned advancement of nanotechnology, particularly with respect to the power of this new technology to overcome the current gaps between scientific communities in the industrialized world and those in the developing world. Next edition will be held in Spain on 2009.

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