Nanomaterials 08: Industry goes nano

Nanogap was the only spaniard company that took part in the last Nanomaterials 08 event at Newcastle, UK along with companies like Motorola, CIBA, Unilever, MacDermid Autotype, Kodak, Akzo Nobel, Bayer Materials, Science, BASF,...

Nanocentral organized this year the event in the Marriot Gosforth Hotel. This event is improving year after year and it's becoming one of the highlights of the nano-exhibitions in Europe.

The main topic of this year was once again the interaction between industry and academia, applying new technologies in the value chain of the final material that will finally reach the consumers.

Luis Alonso from Nanogap said that ‘Nanomaterials is the perfect event to know what are the needs of industry and what nanotechnology can do about it. At the NanoMaterials07 event our company found real industry customers looking for real solutions, and the whole event is focused on networking and building bridges between different stakeholders. In fact, our experience at Nanomaterials didn’t finish with the fair.We have kept good relations with different partners that we found there and that’s why we are going this year again’.

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