Nano Expo 07

Nano Expo 07 was succesfully held on Last 16 & 17 May 2007 at EMCC, Nottingham.

Robin Hood's land welcomed the nanotech and nanoscience community. There was time for business and for science in the last Nano Expo in the East Midlands Conference Center, Nottingham. Nanotoxicology is one of the most controversial topics of nanotechnology. People from Eminate (organizers of the event) are well aware of this and they prepared very interesting talks about it, with the presence of the FDA from USA.

There was also talks related to The Impact of Regulations on the Application of Nanotechnology, Diagnostics, imaging and sensors, Manufacturing & Commercialisation, Nano-particles, drug delivery and Future opportunities and public perception.

The city gave a reception to all participants in the Council House of Nottingham. There was also a public lecture 'Nanotechnology: life-changing new applications' by Dr Alan Smith.

Companies like Carl Zeiss, Nanocentral and associations like ENTA were in the event. Nanogap represented spanish nanotechnology once again. Luis Manuel Alonso, Nanogap business manager has informed us that Nanogap is now part of the NIA (Nanotechnology Industries Association; http://www.nanotechia.co.uk). Nanogap is now part of the two major associations of european nanotechnology, ENTA and the NIA.

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