4th Nanospain in Seville

The fourth edition of Nanospain took place the last week in Seville. The great success of affluence in this 4th edition reinforces the meeting forum created by the Phatoms Foundation as one of the key events for nanotech. & nanoscience in the Iberian Peninsula.

The event has representation of almost all research centers and Spanish and Portuguese universities related, in addition to other researchers of first world-wide level, like for instance Paulo Freitas, Jos de Jongh and Gunter Reiss among others. They exposed the present situation of the applications and developments based on nanotecnology, besides to suggest new lines of development for the future in the short term.

It was also remarkable the presence of José Rivas, director of the Iberian Nanotech. Institute. Proff. Rivas talked about the prime directives of the institute and also emphasized the importance of the project as one of the first extremely promising collaborations between Spain and Portugal.

José Rivas and Paulo Freitas

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